PictoColor inCamera

According to PictoColor the inCamera Photoshop plugin is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to create custom ICC profiles for digital cameras and scanners.


Accurate Color Capture

Utilizing industry standard charts, inCamera creates a custom ICC digital camera or scanner profile by evaluating the color data captured by the camera or scanner and comparing the data to the known color values of the charts. This profile integrates seamlessly into any ICC color managed workflow.

Supported Charts (not included)

supported color test targets

inCamera solves a major problem found in today's digital photo studio - accurate color capture.

inCamera is designed to help the photographer achieve consistent, predictable color with any digital camera or scanner. Features an online User Guide that serves as a helpful tutorial for creating and properly integrating ICC profiles into a color managed Photoshop workflow.

inCamera web page

GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker 5

GretagMacbeth AG claims that you can build, edit and fine tune color profiles faster and easier with ProfileMaker 5. New features and enhancements deliver even more expert control. The Publish Pro package is designed specifically for prepress and publishing professionals that need optimal results from direct (laser, inkjet) and traditional offset printing systems. It enables editing and customization of profiles and also delivers quality assurance functionality for proofing and final print production.

Featuring modules to manage all of your color imaging devices and processes

  • Scanner create ICC profiles for flatbed or drum scanners

  • Monitor capture color information and create ICC profiles for CRT and LCD displays

  • Output create ICC profiles for RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome and CMYK + Red/Green output devices

  • Editor edits profiles or fine tunes the ones you ve created working with lightness, contrast, saturation, white point or gradation curves.

  • ColorPicker converts spot colors (CxF or Pantone) to process color

  • MeasureTool for data collection from color measurement devices and accurate profile computation