You Can Have A Zero-Emission Vehicle

Right now, if you go into a gas station to fuel up your vehicle, you may find an air pump for filling your tires. In the near future the compressed air pumps may fuel our vehicles. A motorcycle with a current-generation compressed air tank can go for about 30km, nearly two-thirds of a typical day’s commute in the US. That completely eliminates lots of ground-level pollution, and the air could easily be compressed using renewable power sources. The same thing goes for cars.

Air Cycle, The Air Cycle paper

Air Powered Car 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Another Turn Around The Big Wheel

Dave Winer is developing Scripting2 which is complete rewrite of the Manilla/Radio Outliner & Blogging software that he created. I go way back with Dave’s software, Clay Basket, Editthispage, Publish and Subscribe, etc., always innovative and working toward making The Two-Way Web a reality. Dave is taking a look at all the lessons learned from the past and is now building a new software that supersedes the old and embraces the future. I will be following the development closely.

Scott Brown Votes NO to Extend Unemployment Benefits

Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown joined the Republican filibuster and effectively stopped the bill to extend insurance for long-term unemployed workers until Nov. 30. But that’s not all folks…

The bill also would have supplied a $16 billion boost in Medicaid funding for states, which would mean about $500 million for Massachusetts, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. That figure is lower than an earlier proposal, which would have supplied a $24 billion boost, or $760 million for Massachusetts. It also includes a variety of tax changes, and money for summer jobs programs.

This is money that could have gone directly into our local economy. The amount of pain this Republican No vote is going to cause our citizens is incalculable.

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Jobs Bill Bombs in Senate

By the end of this week, 903,000 long-term unemployed who otherwise would have received benefits will have missed checks. By the end of next week that number will reach 1.2 million.

This vote by our elected representatives demonstrates a lack of or ineffective planning on how to deal with this economic catastrophe. The question (How Do I Survive?) comes through loud and clear in the 900+ comments to this story. What’s your answer to the question?

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It’s Our Future

“When you put people out of work, you cripple the quality of life of their entire families. When you start dismantling the public schools and driving teachers from the classrooms, you damage — and in many instances cripple — the lifetime prospects of untold numbers of pupils. When you undermine a recovery that is as fragile as this one, which is as fragile as a crate of eggs, you undermine the economic health of the entire nation.”

If think of yourself as caring, thoughtful, and patriotic, then contact your elected representative’s and tell them to continue support for stimulus funding.

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In between thunder storms and tornado watches this weekend I went shopping and purchased new reading glasses that I’ve been needing for some time. It’s a revelation to again see all the details that I’ve been missing. Look at that! This is great! I’ve been quite happy with my new eyes, that is until this morning when I looked in the mirror.

Where are my old glasses?