My one word review – Disappointed

President Obama accurately explained the history of how we got to this point. In a dispassionate professorial voice. OK, I thought there’s the foundation here comes the call to action. And all President Obama say’s to America, in a monotone, call your congressional representatives. WTF!!! Why isn’t President Obama showing some fire in the belly to get this done his way and the right way for the country? How about, look, this is your country that the Tea Party Republicans are threatening and you all need to step up and stop them from destroying the good credit rating of our country. Here’s some things that you can do tomorrow and everyday for the next week… But that did not happen. President Obama set himself up to get a short term solution last night.

I couldn’t make any sense out of Boenher’s noise.

This still feels like political theater to me.

Author: pgsadmin

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