The Big’s Behind Christie’s Big Behind

Kenneth Langone, Home Depot co-founder

Paul Singer, hedge fund billionaire

Roger Ailes, FOX News CEO

Georgette Mosbacher, cosmetics CEO

Charles and David Koch, Industrialist’s

So who are these guys? In July, Christie attended a meeting with a “who’s who A-list of successful fundraisers

The full TPM story.

EU Collapse Imminent

The European Union will destroy itself, period. We are witnessing it happening right now. Three defaults will happen like dominoes, Greece, Spain, and Italy. Each of their governments will fail and the replacement governments will withdraw from the EU to regain full control of their respective currency.

Concurrently the remaining EU countries will suffer with a large devaluation of the euro which will give rise to political instability and additional government rejection of the EU.

Remember in 2008-2009 all those trillions of US dollars that went to European banks? It was to prevent this exact scenario from happening back then. The fact is that Banksters in the EU and the US have debt (betting) that is (covered?) by insurance policies. But who covers the insurer’s? That’s right, the government (aka “Too big to fail). Unfortunately for Europe and the world the EU is made up of sovereign nations that will not (or can not) provide cover when the euro goes into deep trouble.

The EU collapse effects on the US will be sharp and dramatic. Part two of the Great Recession will be hugely painful as the US further devalues everything it owns and sells off its assets.

The rise of China to number one in the world market is almost assured. The economic prognosticators are saying a rough ten years ahead for the US. My gut tells me it will be closer to twenty years before market stability returns. I wonder what will our country look like then?

Here is a link to some deeper facts.