How to Steal A Presidential Election

If you’ve been getting international news you must have some knowledge about the Putin re-Election to president in Russia. Remember the many thousands of Russian people demonstrating in Moscow over the fraud filled election? Well, gird your loins, and get ready because the same vile evil manipulation is happening here in our US of A.

Everybody, EVERYBODY needs to do more than just vote to protect the fairness that we the people expect. Read this linked article and talk, write, link, help others, and stand up for your rights.

The Center for Voting and Democracy FAQ

David Cobb’s Presentation

Yesterday evening’s presentation by David Cobb was deeply profound information presented with clarity and passion. It would be an injustice to you if I summarized the content. You all need to get out and go listen for your self. I’ll try to locate a transcript, recording, or video, and post it here. Again, if you have the opportunity, go see him.