Uh-Oh Gas Leaks Found


Live Science is reporting on a recent study in Boston, MA proper that found over 3,300 natural gas leaks – some of which are potentially hazardous. Timely finding especially now after the natural gas explosion in Springfield, MA on Friday Nov., 23, that damaged 42 buildings and hurt 18 people. Springfield, MA gas explosion video. Emergency responders audio.

I have to ask – Who’s the responsible party? I think it’s the utility company. But it may be a private/public mix. Whatever, it needs attention to prevent a disaster.

UPDATE Feb. 18, 2013: A gas leak disaster was narrowly avoided Monday night by the fast action of fire fighters evacuating over 100 residents from their homes in the 200 section of Broadway, Chelsea, MA. When fire fighters arrived on scene and entered an apartment they found explosive levels of natural gas inside. As no source of the gas was apparent the decision to evacuate the residents to prevent loss of life was called. The utility company located the broken gas main on Cherry St. Repairs have started. See Map

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