On such a cold day…

Starting the day at zero degrees, it must be the right time to make bread. Yup, get the stove going and heat up the kitchen. Try a new bread recipe, toasted sesame boule. Two hours later here is the result.


Whoa! Outside temperature now up to four degrees. Thinking about dinner. What a perfect day for a home made Turkey soup, loaded with fresh vegetables and served with this mornings fresh made bread. Delicious.


Regardless of the temperature outside I know now what I’ll have for lunch tomorrow.


In between thunder storms and tornado watches this weekend I went shopping and purchased new reading glasses that I’ve been needing for some time. It’s a revelation to again see all the details that I’ve been missing. Look at that! This is great! I’ve been quite happy with my new eyes, that is until this morning when I looked in the mirror.

Where are my old glasses?

It’s the season of change

No, this is not a sarcastic rant about President Obama and change you can believe in.

I’ve had some recent news that is disturbing. Some of it is personal and will remain private. I’m still sad about Gabi, there’s changes at work, a relative is ill, etc. One phrase continues to come to mind, which is, the harvest you reap comes from the seeds you sow.

My apologies if I appear enigmatic. I’m OK and will continue to be OK. A bright spot on the horizon is an upcoming vacation. It’s been a long time.