You Can Have A Zero-Emission Vehicle

Right now, if you go into a gas station to fuel up your vehicle, you may find an air pump for filling your tires. In the near future the compressed air pumps may fuel our vehicles. A motorcycle with a current-generation compressed air tank can go for about 30km, nearly two-thirds of a typical day’s commute in the US. That completely eliminates lots of ground-level pollution, and the air could easily be compressed using renewable power sources. The same thing goes for cars.

Air Cycle, The Air Cycle paper

Air Powered Car 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Effects of the GM bankruptcy

Layoff, another layoff, still more layoff. Shedding most US workers, dumping its US suppliers, throwing off its pension responsibility, and of course forcing the retained union workers to take wage and benefit cuts. Now what do you think will happen to the US economy as a direct result? What are the odds GM will recover? How long will GM’s recovery take?

BusinessWeek – What If GM Did Go Bankrupt…