Mosquito Food

bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !
Went up into the White Mountains this past weekend to enjoy time with friends and take in live music at an outdoor party. The weather was perfect. The second day of clear skies, temperature flirting with 90f, with a very light breeze, but also humidity. A quite manageable environment with the wearing of light weight clothing and substantial liquid refreshments.
At these events the weather is frequently a topic of conversation. It’s not unusual to start with “How’d ya make out this winter?” or “Spring broke late this ye-ah around he-ah.” Inevitably the conversation transitions to plants or pests. Overheard, 1 “Did you have many Noseeum’s?, 2 “I didn’t see um.” I heard that the recent temps had been more cool than normal and not many Mosquitoes were around. Well, apparently on the second day of 90f with no rain a new batch of vampire Mosquitoes had joined our party.
These are strong bugs. Even after an overall repellent spray these vampire Mosquitoes will land on your clothing and get at you through your clothing. I’m writing this to alert others and remind myself for my next White Mountains visit.

Rainy Day

On Wednesday afternoon we had a tornado watch as violent thunder storms with hail rolled through here. Some local areas had microburst’s (a vertical column of cold rapidly descending air that shears horizontal after reaching the ground) that toppled many trees, caused substantial property damage, and power outage.

Today the air has the nice smell of after storm freshness. The sound of working chainsaws nearby is not as nice so let’s listen to some music…

10 Rainy Day, Dream Away.m4a