Stupeflix releases awesome API to generate 1,000s of videos on the fly

Stupeflix is a French startup which has come up with a radically new way of creating, processing and editing online video. On the face of it, Stupeflix automatically generates professional looking videos out of pictures, music and videos. If that sounds like Animoto, then you are right, but there are key differences under the hood which make Stupeflix totally different and potentially of much greater value. And I don’t say that lightly.

Where Animoto and Stupeflix completely diverge is in their approach and business model. Stupeflix has effectively come up with an API which describes video, text, using and pictures in flash video based on an XML description. So instead of actually editing the video you edit the XML. That means you can edit video just by changing a tag, or by telling their engine to run a different kind of effect for every video you wants to generate. iMovie would create just one video, and requires a meaty package to edit how it’s presented. With Stupiflix you just edit the XML, with tags like “rotate” or “fade left”. Today Stupeflix launches the web interface to its video editing web application.

Because Stupeflix was built first as an API service, it is designed to create videos from any kind of content on the fly. The API was developed in a similar way to how video games are programmed – as much of the prgramming took place directly on GPUs. As a demostration of its power, they’ve generated over 1,000 videos direct from Wikipedia content, automatically, in under 60 minutes.

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Obama, lawmakers agree on ‘cash-for-clunkers’ bill

The one-year plan crafted by members of the U.S. House of Representatives would offer vouchers worth up to $4,500 for owners to replace their less fuel efficient vehicles for models that get better gas mileage.

Hmmm… If I’m able to tie that with a tax credit for a hybid or diesel vehicle then I’m interested!

MarketRiders Promises Steady Returns Through The Magic of Exchange-Traded Funds

If you think you can beat the stock market, don’t bother reading this post. This post is about a startup that wants to make investing boring and predictable, which is something most of the investing public could use right now. MarketRiders has actually been in beta for about a year, and now it is ready to be tested by a broader group of investors. The idea is simple: If you get your asset allocation right and eliminate management fees, you can boost your returns and outperform nearly every actively traded fund over the long haul.

Mitch Tuchman, the founder of MarketRiders and a former hedge fund manager, studied the investment strategies of big university endowments like Yale’s. He learned that 80 to 90 percent of returns within any given year come from being in the right asset class (stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, emerging markets), not from stock picking or market timing. The trick to steady returns is to try to mimic the market, not beat it, through exposure to broad asset classes. “Wall Street is the biggest fleecing machine in the world,” says Tuchman. “It is selling investors on the idea that if you give this manager money he will give you a better return than the market.”


Wolfram|Alpha – A knowledge tool

If this project is done correctly it will be a game changer for the world. Wolfram|Alpha plans on using information technology to distil known facts and produce a truthfull result. My view is, truth has to be the measure of everything that goes into and comes out of Wolfram|Alpha. Truth=Success.

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The Independent, Gadgets & Tech has an article.

No support at WordPress?

I am unable to locate any docs on the web, at WordPress, or at Userland to move the posts I have in OPMLEditor and Radio Userland to this WordPress blog. What happened to “Data Portability”? Big talk years ago from Userland and Dave Winer.

I’ve found plenty of other blogging systems with directions for content exchange. Does anyone have knowledge to share on how I can move my content into WordPress?


My First OPML Editor post (in this blog)

I had to reinstall the wordpress.root tool to gain access to the prefs set up page. After I did that everything proceeded as expected.

The reason I’m doing this is twofold; one is that it appears that is experiencing server problems and two is that I’ve been using Radio 8 to publish Gary Secondino’s weblog for years and although it still works fine for me I feel the need for change to something new.